Artificial Intelligence is a field of study designed to infuse the power of thinking into machines. It can allow machines to understand our day-to-day activities and try to replicate them with utmost simplicity. From understanding our natural language to optimising our present solutions, AI can be used in almost all industries in general. In general, AI entails taking aspects of human intellect and applying them as algorithms in a computer-friendly manner.

Back in the day, when Google, the search engine, was introduced, it identified the ‘keywords’, used for the query, and then displayed the results, which matched with the keywords. But, the latest software’s (voice assistants, mainly) use the identification and processing of ‘intents’, which is a much more effective and a smarter solution.

With this principle and methodology in mind, we can move ahead and look at the use of AI in this “budding” sector. Similar to the principle behind voice assist .. Read more

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